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After sun care

Calming liquid to the skin after sunburn

LARIFAN SUNMILK is liquid for use after excessive sunbathing resulting in sunburn. It provides soothing effect.

Specific advantages of this liquid compared with other sunburn sedatives, provides dsRNA LARIFAN presence of the SUNMILK composition.

dsRNA LARIFAN is a patented, natural origin component that increases the body's local resistance to adverse environmental influences, including:

  • against UV-induced sunburn, preventing skin peeling and blistering of the skin, which is a common phenomenon caused by sunburn,
  • to tissue damage by improving cell regeneration ability,
  • against a variety of mild household character skin irritations (thermal, mechanical).

Included in the liquid composition menthol cools, relieves sunburn pain inherent sense; it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Other ingredients included in LARIFAN SUNMILK composition are substances widely used in a skin care products.

LARIFAN SUNMILK possess mild analgesic activity.

The gel was created after recommendations of Association of Latvian doctors - cosmetologists.



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