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LARIFAN LARYNGO are jelly gummies which provide soothing effect on inflammatory processes in oral cavity and pharynx, reduces pain in the throat and improves ones feeling.

The use of the candies enables Larifan to contact oral and pharynx mucosa and prevents viruses from entering cells and protects against development of inflammatory process.

LARIFAN LARYNGO contains a patented natural origin component dsRNA LARIFAN which is an efficient mean for body’s natural local protective capabilities regulation. It protects oral cavity’s mucous membrane and pharynx against various harmful effects of external environment, especially against viral and microbial penetration through the oral cavity and development in the body.

LARIFAN LARYNGO reduces inflammatory processes, it also has a light analgesic effect.

It is recommended to put the candy in mouth and, without swallowing, let it slowly dissolve.



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